Selva Lapiedra – Best from #1 Dark Skin Beauty

Selva Lapiedra – Best from #1 Dark Skin Beauty

Selva Lapiedra is a dark horse within the adult business. She loves to take it up the ass, and her tight frame along with amazing measurements makes her the ultimate fantasy girl. She is a rising starlet and prides herself on her sexual prowess.

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If you are a fan of public sex then this woman is here to take your love to a whole new level. Selva loves to be fucked and sometimes it doesn’t matter where she is, because when she’s horny, she has to do something about it. She spreads her ebony cheeks and is willing to take whatever you have to give her.


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This scene starts out with Selva trying to get some sleep. The hot blonde that’s in her bed has another idea though. She wants to shag until she can’t hold back any more and climaxes bigger and better than ever before.

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