A Few Important Rules of Dating Younger Girls

A Few Important Rules of Dating Younger Girls

Traditionally, a relationship in which a woman is much younger than her companion has always been considered normal if not natural. But times are changing, and today the image of an old ladies’ man, winning young girls’ attention with his thick wallet, has become pretty odious.

Dating Younger Girls 300x199 A Few Important Rules of Dating Younger GirlsAt the same time, people, who don’t care about current trends, find many advantages in such relationships. A man gets what he needs: respect, obedience, energy, and fresh sensations. A woman gets a partner worthy of respect, financial security, and, which is more important, sexual experience. So what’s wrong with such an honest exchange?

If you haven’t had any experience dating a young girl before, you never know what mistakes you can come across. After all, the difference in age is all about different views on life, and if yours vary significantly, your relationship will be ruined. That’s why you must follow certain rules.

You must be a leader in the relationship

This rule works well for most couples, but it’s especially true if we’re talking about partners with a significant age difference. Not because you owe something to someone, but because in every situation, the relationship in which both partners show their strong suits will develop harmoniously. A man is already wise enough and has life experience, and his companion easily recognizes him as the leader and submits to him.

Never show you’re jealous

Jealousy is always a sign of weakness. And while it’s ok for some twenty-year-old guy, it’s completely inappropriate for an adult man. If he can’t keep his girlfriend by his side in other ways, then jealousy will only exacerbate the situation. It will begin to destroy the image of a strong and confident man, as well as the advantages of such relationship.

Be a leader in bed

It may come as a surprise for some people, but in sex, girls often get much more pleasure from experienced men, rather than from passionate and hyperactive peers. All thanks to experience – an older man knows how to bring a genuine pleasure to his partner. To do this, you must actively use this experience, even if it causes some inconvenience. In other words, a man must be an altruist. But at the same time, he’s the boss – he sets the pace and rhythm, and the woman obeys. As a rule, such distribution of roles suits both partners.

Don’t try to bring your friends and your girlfriend’s friends together

A student’s party will only remind the man of his age. Who are these people? Why are they so stupid? What are they talking about? He’ll feel like a mammoth at a tech exhibition. On the other hand, his young girl will feel uncomfortable in the quiet and calm company of his friends. Attempts to get into someone else’s company won’t bring any positive result. It’s better to try to find a third, neutral company with people of different age groups.

Don’t focus the girl’s attention at your age

A bit of self-irony never hurts. But try to overdo it with self-irony – and you’ll see that the problem of the difference in age is real for both of you. It’s better to avoid self-irony at all if you’re not sure that you know when to stop.

What you shouldn’t do in a relationship with a younger girl

The grossest mistake you can make is to try to look younger. Doing so by copying today’s style or even worse – dressing the way you did when you were young will look terribly ridiculous, so don’t even think about such ideas. The only real way to get a little younger is to get a gym membership, get rid of a couple of extra pounds, and start eating right.

That’s about all you need to know about dealing with girls in their 20’s. Looking for someone younger than your age? Check out last year’s best young pornstars.

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