Sex Benefits: 10 Reasons You Should Have Sex Everyday

Sex exercise the most salutary influence over men and women: it boosts spirits, helps to get rid of excess weight, strengthens human health and increases vitality. Nevertheless, many have a question: “Is it good to have sex every day?” Specialists in gynecology say that of course yes. The question, to put it mildly, is strange because what’s wrong can happen in the case of daily sex. It’s healthy to have sex everyday, you can do it even several times a day. The frequency of sexual encounters doesn’t affect intimate health in any way and certainly doesn’t harm it. There are 10 reasons to have sex every day assembled by Ukrainian woman

Sex Benefits 300x200 Sex Benefits: 10 Reasons You Should Have Sex Everyday

  1. Sex makes life easier

Even though not so for a long time. Let it be for a few minutes. If sex is good, then during the process you won’t think about unpaid utility bills, unfinished work and that the child broke a window at school.

  1. Regular sex rejuvenates you

Let’s find out what happens if you have sex everyday. Scientists claim that sexually active people feel much better. And research shows that thanks to daily sex, you can feel younger for at least 10 years. During sex, the production of collagen increases, which is responsible for skin elasticity, state of bones and tendons. While you enjoy intimacy with your loved one, there is no fear of old age.

  1. Daily sex boosts immunity

This point is very important in autumn, because our body is particularly weakened during this period. Sex provokes an increase in the number of immunoglobulin A, which increases the time of sexual intercourse and fights against colds. Also during sex our body develops immunity that will protect you from the flu by 90%.

  1. After sex your sleep is deeper and better

Like exercise, sex increases the heart rate, which leads to relaxation. In addition, it is well known that men after ejaculation feel slackness, that is why after sex they want to sleep.  The energy that the body spends on sex is much higher than the energy spent throughout the day. This contributes to the fact that sleep after sex is much deeper than without it. In turn, morning sex helps to start the day with a lot of energy and high spirits.

  1. Sex brings happiness

Literally. During sex, dopamine is produced. It’s the hormone of happiness, love and pleasure. If you have had a long working day or you just feel a little depressed, sex will help relax and reduce the level of experienced stress. A person that has everyday sex is always in a good state of mind and looks great. The more sex you have, the less anxiety and worry will be in your life!

  1. Sex improves brain activity

If you have sex every day, then your brain becomes active. It is promoted by increased blood circulation during sexual activity.

  1. Sex lowers blood pressure

If you have problems with high blood pressure, then sex is an excellent prevention. Studies have proven that daily sex reduces blood pressure and emotional stress on the nervous system. It also increases self-esteem and intellectual ability.

  1. Anesthetic

Sex helps to get rid of chronic migraine and regular muscle aches. Doctors say that patients having sex everyday suffer pain more easily and less often complain about it.

  1. Sex normalizes menstrual cycle

Regular sex stabilizes menstrual cycles in women and regulates the production of hormones that reduce pain during menstruation.

  1. Sex is trust and intimacy

During sex, the hormone oxytocin is secreted. This hormone is responsible for happiness and love. Partners become closer to each other, trust grows between them, and men have less reason to cheat their women.

There is no reason not to have sex regularly. On the contrary – daily sex will make you happier, more beautiful and healthier, so don’t lose time!

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